Venus Bay is an ideal place to come for the keen fisher person offering jetty, boat and beach fishing. Fishing in the sheltered waters of the bay offers the angler:

  • King George Whiting
  • Tommie Ruff (Herring)
  • Garfish
  • Salmon Trout
  • Flathead
  • Trevally
  • Snook
  • Squid
  • Sand Crabs

Fishing out of the bay is available to larger boats. Some of the species caught include:

  • King George Whiting
  • Snapper
  • Trevally
  • Shark
  • Nannygai
  • Sweep
  • Salmon Trout

Salmon can also be caught beach fishing from surf beaches like nearby Mount Camel or Talia.



Mt Camel

Mt Camel is approximately 8 km drive south of Venus Bay. Access to the beach is via a short walk from the car park. Anglers regularly catch good sized salmon from this beach as well as a number other species of fish.

Talia Beach & Talia Caves

Talia Beach is pristine and on a windy day the surf and spray is nothing short of spectacular. There is a walkway down to the caves which are an amazing sight, they are formed out of limestone with an incredible array of colours. There are a number of other caves and formations in the limestone including “The Woolshed” and “The Tub”. There is also a monument to a nurse who fell from the cliffs into the ocean and was never recovered.



Spectacular views of the Great Australian Bight are available on the South Head and the Cliff Top walking trails. Whilst on the trail you may also be lucky enough to catch a spectacular display from the dolphins or the seals that play and surf along the coastline as well as in the bay. Both of these walks are within close walking distance of the caravan park.



Exploring to the north of Venus Bay provides more superb coastal scenery and opportunities to observe various marine and land based wildlife. Names like “Sceale Bay”, “The Granites” and “Smooth Pool” give some indication of the type of scenery that is likely to be encountered on a trip to Streaky Bay from Venus Bay.

Point Labatt

Point Labatt has the only mainland sea lion colony. Here sea lions can be observed warming themselves after swimming and fishing then frolicking on the beach and under the cliff face. Visitors will often get to see 50 plus sea lions at a time.

Baird Bay

Baird Bay is another protected bay and is a very good site for boat fishing. Fishing charters and ocean tours can be booked at Baird Bay, including swimming with the sea lions and dolphins.

Murphy’s Haystacks

Murphy’s Haystacks are a must see. The haystacks are formed from ancient granite inselbergs dating back 1,500 million years. [The name inselberg comes from German insel, meaning island and berg, mountain.]. They are a series of granite pillars and boulders that tower above the surrounding soil. They are situated on the top of an isolated hill which provides superb views of the surrounding countryside and the vastness of Australia. More information on the Haystacks can be found at


Venus Bay Conservation Park

The park entry is just north of Port Kenny and is accessible to 4WD vehicles. There are over 100 bird, 12 native mammal and 25 reptile species in the park. The park includes Weyland Peninsula and the seven islands within Venus Bay. For more information please visit

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